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Who can be an artist?

* Anyone who has a desire to learn and a willingness to work can be an artist.

 * Learning art skills is like learning your ABCs.

* Heart and effort determines success.  Go for it! Happy learning!

Free downloads, art booklets, posters, lessons & more for personal use, classroom use & sharing with friends.  Files are PDF format. Read copyright below.

The ABCs of Art

The Elements & Principles of Design made simple

Keys to Success 

Say aloud poems to learn values: respect, kindness...

A Mindful of Art 

Simple games to learn art terms & examine art works

My Materials & Me

Fun cartoon posters on care of art materials & tools

Fiber Art


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle A few fun cartoon posters to teach recycling
Terrific, Tactile, Texture A few lessons on combining texture with drawing
Collage & Mixed Media Booklets, lessons & slide shows
Crafts & Construction A few lessons
I Can't Draw...Until I Practice! Many step by step booklets. Drawing from life is best.
Getting Wired Simple, basic wire sculpture techniques & lessons
Clay Creations Booklet, lessons & examples to work with clay
Printmaking A few simple lessons
Painting A few simple lessons
Sculpture Booklets on general technique and 1 lesson
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