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                    The ABCs of Art                 

BOOKLET - ABCs of Art (Color)        

This is an art education book that teaches the elements & principles of design in easy to understand images.  I'm offering it, as is - a little "rough" in form, because I may never refine it. All the basic information needed to grasp the elements & principles of design is present.

BOOKLET - ABCs of Art (in B&W)
This booklet is exactly the same as the one above only it is a black and white version.
POSTER SIZE INDIVIDUAL PAGES (Below)- 11" x 17" (File Size Varies)
Abbreviated Elements of Art Abbreviated Principles of Art
Elements of Art Poem Pattern
Line Pattern Poem
More Line Emphasis
Shape & Form Variety
Color - Simple Variety - Detail Makes Difference
Color - Warm & Cool Unity
Color - Advanced Theory Balance
Texture Rhythm & Movement
Space Proportion
Space - Draw Big/Fill Space  
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